UVI is a brand that promotes healthy live style and tries to educate people on how to improve their unhealthy habits.

Back in 2016 UVI created their first product line of UVI Chairs. UVI Chairs are office and gaming chairs that help you improve your sitting posture, help prevent back pains and make your sitting experience as comfortable as possible. Over the next year and a half UVI developed new chair models to satisfy as many different people as they could. Realizing that even the most comfortable and healthy chair is still not the best solution for everyday use for 8-10 hours they decided to take a step further and developed sit-stand desk UVI Desk.

Together with UVI Chairs and UVI Desks they combined the best of the both worlds and now offer full solution for healthy, efficient and modern work space! Sitting on a fully adjustable ergonomic chair behind a height adjustable table as well as an option to stand up after few hours of work. But their journey does not end here!

UVI is looking for new ways to provide healthy options for work and home space!