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UVI Desk with 2 legs has an adjustable frame by height and width. UVI Desk allows you to set the width between 100 and 170 centimeters – meaning that the table top can have the width anywhere between 110 and 200 centimeters. The height of UVI Desk is easily adjustable by 1 click thanks to the digital LED controller, ranging from 62 to 128 centimeters. LED controller has memory for storing 3 heights and a timer that can be set between 30 and 120 minutes. UVI Desk desk with 2 legs is available in three different colors: black, white and gray.

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Adjustable height

Just like the name suggests sit-stand desks offer you to adjust them by height. UVI Desk frames allow you to set your height between 62 and 128 centimeters. This way the desk is a perfect fit for everyone! At 62 centimeters it is the perfect desk for small children whereas at 128 even a really tall person will still be able to set it up to fit perfectly.

Adjustable width

UVI Desk frame with 2 legs offers adjustable width between 100 and 170 centimeters. This allows you to set up a desk top anywhere between 100 and 200 centimeters while being sure that the table stays super stable! The best part about adjustable width is that even if you move and need a different size table all you need to do is change desk top while still being able to use the same UVI Desk frame!

UVI Desk Frames

Choose your color

We understand that functionality might be the most important thing when buying a new table but style and color is right behind it. To make sure that our UVI Desk’s are suitable for every room we offer every frame in 3 different colors: white, black and gray. Choose the color that fits your room best and build a perfect desk for yourself!

UVI Desk Frames

Smart LED controller

UVI Desk frames use smart electrical controller to help you set up desired height. With a single press the controller does all the work for you. LED controller also offers 3 preset heights and has a timer inside that you can set up between 0.5 and 2 hours (in 0.5 hour interval) so that it reminds you when to switch between sitting and standing!

Smart LED Controller
UVI Desk Tops

Desk top for every taste

Your desk is a special place where you spend hours after hours each day, work, create and express yourself – so it is important to have a desk that shows your personality. And to make sure that is possible we offer a wide variety of materials and colors. Choose between wood table tops such as solid, reclaimed, laminated, bamboo or maybe you prefer a fiber or glass top? We have it all!

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