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University Rehabilitation Institute Soča needed a portable hight adjustable tables that can function without a need of an electric outlet. Since they are constantly working with people who have movement disabilities or limitations making the table easily portable and functional wherever in a necessity.

After looking at a few different options we decided to come up with our own solution. We equipped UVI Desks with lockable casters and UPS unit that allows height adjustment without a need of an electric outlet.

PROJECT: Gaming RGB Desk

We attended an IT-Gaming event and we decided to create something special to draw additional attention from all the visitors. When thinking what we should do we decided to combine health with gaming so we prepared a special gaming electric sit-stand deks.

To make it more appealing to your average gamer we made sure that the table has a big desktop and RGB lightning. We were happy how the gaming RGB table turned out and are working on additional improvements to make it as good as possible!

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